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Wodne Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratownicze International Life Saving Federation

- Checking legal-organizational deliveries concerning salvage services in the countries of the European Union.
- Acquainting, comparing equipping water lifeguards in EU countries.
- Education of water lifeguards and cooperation with the medical rescue.
- Exchange of views and experiences as well as presenting results of the research conducted in favour of the development of the widely comprehended physical culture with favouring the water rescue.
- Deepening and expanding international scientific, teaching and organizational contacts to Eastern areas.

Subject matter of the conference

1. Issues of the Water Rescue in the EU states and Eastern areas.
2. Safety of persons swimming, bathing and practising water sports.
3. Teachwares for all sorts of social groups.
4. Water Rescue specialist: under ice, scooter’s, flood,on quickly flowing waters, rope techniques.
5. The modern equipment and technical means applied in salvage services.
6. Ordering the rescue in structures (education, rescue, recreation, sport, medicine) (Management in Rescue).
7. System of the National Medical Rescue (legal aspects, management and cooperation with Water Rescue).

Problems of physical culture and sport
1. Philosophical, sociopsychological and economic problems of the development of physical culture and sport.
2. Medical and biological aspects of physical culture and sport, contemporary SPA technologies.
3. Diagnostics in physical education and sport.
4. Pedagogy of physical culture - the present and the future.
5. Didactics of physical education.
6. Managing in the recreation and sport.
7. New Strategy of the development in Health and Physical Culture.
8. Other problems of education, physical education, recreation and sport.

Participants of the conference
1. The representatives of the organization and salvage services.
2. Academic teachers.
3. Specialists of recreation, coaches, instructors and teachers.
4. Students and volunteers.
5. Interested persons and residents of the Bydgoszcz region.


International Life Saving Federation of Europe
dr Detlev Mohr (Germany)


President city of  Bydgoszcz
Rafał Bruski

Honorary Life-President of ILSE
dr Klaus Wilkens (Germany)

Wyższej Szkoły Gospodarki w Bydgoszczy
Konsul Honorowy Republiki Słowackiej
prof. WSG dr inż. Wiesław Olszewski

Wyższej Szkoły Gospodarki w Bydgoszczy
Konsul Honorowy Ukrainy
doc. Krzysztof Sikora

State, prospects and development of recue, physical culture and sports in the XXI century