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Wodne Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratownicze International Life Saving Federation

The work described by the Scientific Committee will be published in reviewed scientific monograph published before the conference. Studies prepared in accordance with the following recommendations should be sent by mail to the secretariat (including printing plate work) or e-mail address:

Text prepared in contravention of the following requirements will not be accepted for printing:

  • The first page should include the following information in the following order: the paper’s title (your language and English), first name and surname of the author(s), the name of the institution (font size – 12 points, bold, centred) and key words (your language and English), and abstract (your language and English).
  • Figures, charts and tables should be numbered one by one with Arabic numerals. They can be placed in the text of the article or at the end of the paper.
  • The layout of the paper should be as follows: introduction; objectives of the paper; material and research methods; results of research; discussion (summary) and conclusions; literature.
  • The text: font size – 11 points; font type – Times New Roman; space between lines – single; titles of chapters – centred and bold; text – adjusted.
  • Please do not number pages and do not split words.
  • Margins: top - 5 cm, bottom - 5 cm, left - 4 cm, right - 4 cm.
  • The list of academic literature should be prepared according to the following pattern:
    • Drozdowski Z. (1988). Antropologia sportowa. Seria: Podręczniki, 12, PWN, Warszawa-Poznań, s.47-55. Malina R.M. (1994).
    • Physical activity: relationship to growth and physical fitness [W:] Physical acivity, fitness and health [red. C.Bouchard, R.J.Shephard, T.Stephens].
    • Human Kinetics Publishers, s.918-928. Kowalski M., Nowak J. (2005).
    • Sprawność fizyczna dzieci polskich na tle ich rówieśników z wybranych krajów europejskich. Wychowanie Fizyczne i Sport, 2, s.15-25.
  • Quoting an academic literature position in the text includes only the surname of the quoted author and the year of publication in brackets, for example (Wolańska 1996).
  • In case of a number bigger than 3 authors it should be written (Trześniowski and other 1990).
  • Conference language: Polish, English.


Notification of participation in the conference (participation card sent by post to address the conference secretariat (marked "Conference RESCUE") or e-mail until 15 May 2015. The deadline for sending articles: until 15 May 2015. Detailed information for those who participated in the conference report and a fee account to be sent to the Communication No. 2 until 31 May 2015.


International Life Saving Federation of Europe
dr Detlev Mohr (Germany)


President city of  Bydgoszcz
Rafał Bruski

Honorary Life-President of ILSE
dr Klaus Wilkens (Germany)

Wyższej Szkoły Gospodarki w Bydgoszczy
Konsul Honorowy Republiki Słowackiej
prof. WSG dr inż. Wiesław Olszewski

Wyższej Szkoły Gospodarki w Bydgoszczy
Konsul Honorowy Ukrainy
doc. Krzysztof Sikora

State, prospects and development of recue, physical culture and sports in the XXI century